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Vending - Express

The Express was designed specifically for Micro-Market and Pre-Kit delivery. By providing quick and efficient side access, the Express can reduce time spent walking in and out of a typical box truck and stumbling over drink pallets. Because all drinks and totes are easily accessible from the ground level, the safety hazard of exiting a box truck four feet above concrete, while carrying a load of snack or drinks is eliminated.

By decreasing the time spent on your truck, the Express allows route operators to increase their number of stops and provide increased salary and commission potential. For vending owners and managers, the increased efficiency provided by the Express allows the company to save money by consolidating routes, which leads to reduced expenses in truck purchases, fuel, maintenance and insurance.

Further, the Express ST can be mounted on fuel efficient and cost conscience chassis, such as the Isuzu EcoMax and Chevy 3500 Cutaway.

Standard Equipment
Rubber bumper docks
Aluminum roll up doors w/central lock system and deluxe locks
All roll up doors are spring loaded to ensure counterbalanceing
Extruded door track with replaceable liner
Pass-through design with retainers and 3" floor pitch to prevent product shift

Optional Features
Custom paint and decal
Back-up alarm
8" eyeball rear crossview mirror
Mud flaps
Stand Alone Coolers Available
Hackney reserves the right to make changes on standard and optional equipment at any time without prior notice. All available options and standards are not listed. For more information please contact a sales representative.