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The ES/2000 was jointly designed with one of the leading electrical contractors in the country, and is the most vocation specific of any of our bodies. An electrician’s dream, this body has space for everything, including a 24 ft. extension ladder and four sizes of A frame ladders – all inside!

Infinitely adjustable track shelving and bin storage system, dedicated spaces for wire spools, roll wire, entrance cable & panels, tool boxes, fluorescent tubes, ground rods, pipe and conduit, and even roll floor mats, make the ES/2000 one of a kind when defining the perfect service truck.

ES/2000 Sprinter

Full sized body 15’ L x 84” W for mounting exclusively on the Sprinter 3500 dual rear wheel chassis

ES/2000 Chevrolet

Full sized body 14’ L x 90” W for mounting exclusively on the Chevrolet dual rear wheel cutaway chassis.


Full sized body 14’ L x 84” W for mounting on various medium duty and cab-over chassis